Guitar Sound From Holland Vol. 6 - Various Artists

Guitar Sound From Holland Vol. 6 - Various Artists

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Part 6 of a fantastic guitar album series with Dutch Guitar bands. On this part are 20 stunning guitar songs from artists such as: The Jumping Jewels, Atlantis, Burt Blanca, Rony Westro, Twilight, The Vickings and Blue Explosion. Every guitarist has his own sound. Album packaging slim case. (see also shop for other parts or solo albums of artists involved).


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Songs on album: 

1 The Explosion Rockets - Manha De Carnaval
2 The Midnight Ramblers - The Munsters
3 Atlantis - Perfidia
4 Jumping Jewels - Theme For Dreamers
5 Ronny Westro - Buildings
6 The Silhouets - Carrousel
7 Dynamic Rockers - Breakfast Polka
8 Burt Blanca - Magic Guitar
9 The Astronauts - Brozem Rock
10 The Dakotas - On The Wings Of A Nightingale
11 Twilight - Blanket On The Ground
12 Of Course - The Long Road 
13 The Vickings - Rarity Rock
14 Blue Explosion - Melancholie
15 The Blue Moon Rockers - Running Gypsy 
16 The Boys - The Box
17 Eddy Christiani - The End Of The Trail
18 Atlantis - California Express
19 Burt Blanca - Katjusha
20 Ben Poetiray - Chicken Rag 
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