Hot Club De Frank - Sugar And More (Acoustic Session)

Product no.: CDHL 20650

Sugar and More is a lovely album by Jazz / Swing sensation Hot Club De Frank. 17 beautiful slow and up tempo acoustic songs ranging from gypsy, klezmer, jazz, and swing Muzet. Both vocal and instrumental numbers continue to intrigue from beginning to end. Truly a fantastic band, recommended to fans of Gypsy and hot club du France music. (See also other albums by Hot Club De Frank in shop).


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Songs on album:

1. Sheik Of Araby
2. Jeepers Creepers
3. Sweet Sue
4. Marie
5. Montagne Saint Genevieve
6. Shine
7. I'se A Muggin'
8. Fantasie
9. Gypsy Swing '92
10. Serdze
11. I Can Give You Anything But Love
12. Flat Foot Floogie
13. Lilly Belle
14. It Don't Mean A Thing
15. Sugar
16. Chez Jaques
17. Laughing At The Rhythm


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