B2B / Radio Stations / Special Discounts

Business clients

For business clients who want to buy multiple items per order special discounts are possible.

To think of for example, multiple pieces of a cd title / artist to give away as a promotional gift to staff members, Christmas gift,

display for extra sales in store or at special event. We also give special discounts upon purchase complete cd series. 

Contact our sales team by e-mail: info@samsammusic.com


Radio Stations and other Media

Are you a radio program director / DJ interested in our music products or artists and want to promote please contact us about the possibilities / prices.

Buying of complete cd series is possible, we have special rates.

Ask for conditions with our marketing / promotional team on email: marketing@samsammusic.com


Consumers discounts

For consumers who want to buy more than 10 products per order, purchase of complete cd series we have extra discounts.

Contact us before ordering via email: service@samsammusic.com