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Sam Sam Music is a Dutch record label and music Publisher

Sam Sam Music  does not have a physical store to visit, mailorder only. (business relations can visit but by appointment only).


All our products are new and of perfect quality. All products shown in shop are in stock and can be ordered directly. Products ordered need to be paid up front.


Orders can be paid thru bank transfer, international bank transfer, paypal or credit card.


There is no shipping fee charged for orders delivered within the Netherlands. For orders to other countries within Europe and rest of the world a shipping fee will be automatically added to your order, we try to keep this fee as low as possible. When ordered products somehow do not arrive correct or show manufacturing problems please do contact us so we can find a solution for the problem. Orders are send by standard mail and airmail.


Sam Sam Music can not be hold responsible for ordered products getting lost or stolen after shipping, this is risc of customer. To secure a safe arival after shipping customer can insure safety by shipping signed and insured paying a fee of 7,75 euro. Customer is responsible for filling in a correct delivery address, Sam SamMusic can not be held responsible when filled in incorrect

Gift wrapping

Gift wrapping is possible when ordering, we charge 1,65 Euro extra, this will be added to your order when selected.


When products are damaged or do not play due to technical manufactoring problem products can be send return. We do not accept returns unless agreed on by Sam Sam Music first.


Personal customer data we only use for our own purposes to make sure we can help you in any way. Sam Sam Music will not sell or use your personal data otherwise. Our shop is registered and has all required protection and safety protocols to handle all financial and personal data safely.


All logo's and trademarks are protected.


For questions, help with ordering or delivery problems or any other question please e-mail us: service@samsammusic.com


Sam Sam Music is a Dutch record company and music Publisher. Sam Sam Music registered Chamber of Commerce Leiden - the Netherlands 28029485 Sam Sam Music is at located at Noordwijk - Holland, Kraaierslaan 44 (2204AP) Phone: +31(0)252- 344282  service@samsammusic.com

Our policy is under Dutch Law.

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