The Classics - Once Upon A Shadow

Product no.: CD 192515

The instrumental pop / rock ‘n roll formation The Classics are known throughout Europe for their own style of playing beautiful guitar sound. This album “Once Upon A Shadow” is a tribute to the instrumental guitar band The Shadows and holds 17 perfectly recorded songs, a must for fans of instrumental guitar music. The last song on album Rendezvous '62 is a newly written song by the lead guitarist. See also the mini CD Sint Goes Shadows and the CDs Foolin 'Around and 21 Great Instrumentals in the shop.


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Songs on album:

1. Apache
2. The Stranger
3. Kon Tiki
4. The Rise And Fall Of Flingle Bunt
5. Atlantis
6. In The Mood
7. South Of The Border
8. Midnight
9. Wonderful Land
10. Theme For Young Lovers
11. Round And Round
12. Shadoogie
13. Peace Pipe
14. Spring Is Nearly Here
15. F.B.I.
16. Riders In The Sky
17. Rendezvous '62
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