The Nightbreakers - Ambon Country Rock

The Nightbreakers - Ambon Country Rock

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The Nightbreakers is a very special band, founded in 1966 by brothers Ronny, Richard en Robert Pattiselanno. The band had a few member changes in the last years but they still perform on many events today. They play a mix of sixties Rock 'n Roll and Country music with Indonesian and Moluccan influences. This album called " Ambon Country Rock" holds 19 great Indonesian en Moluccan songs and is great to listen to. (their album In The Mission is also still available see shop).


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Songs on album:

1. Goro-Goro Ne
2. Soleram
3. Nona Benteng
4. Laju-Laju
5. Jangan Inging Kaweng Dolo
6. Asal Ale Mau Nanti
7. Waktu Hujan Sore-Sore
8. Panggayo
9. Pangkuan Ibu
10. Rame-Rame Pata Cengkeh
11. Ambon
12. Tarek-Tarek
13. Lembe-Lembe
14. Sudah Berlayar
15. Hidup Basudara
16. Buka Pintu
17. Pulau Ternate
18. Huhate
19. Ole Sio


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