The Spokane Chiefs - Tears Upon The Desert Ground

The Spokane Chiefs - Tears Upon The Desert Ground

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Pop, Folk, Rock band "the Spokane Chiefs" make music in the style of The Eagles and The Outlaws. Their 4-part close harmony vocals and perfectly played instruments makes them unique. Great songs, perfectly recorded. Recommended!  (hear also their 3 track album The Distance).


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Songs on album:

  1 Can't Help Myself 
  2 Fly On (Tears Upon The Desert Ground)
  3 Normandy
  4 I Can Love You Better (on The Road)
  5 Time To Get Rough 
  6 Stay With Me
  7 Doing Time
  8 Brand New Cadillac 
  9 Rebel Song
10 Walk Away
11 The Longing


Order number: CDHL 08084
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