Crazy Rockers - 5 Days In Spring

Crazy Rockers - 5 Days In Spring

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The Crazy Rockers are mainly known as Indo Rock band but they also make awesome Country music. The five members of the band are very musically. On this 2nd Country album, "5 Days In Spring" are 15 famous songs alternating between up-tempo songs and beautiful ballads. Highly recommended for fans of Indo Rock and country music. (see also shop for their albums "In Session" Still Nuts" and "Story Of").


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Songs on album:

  1 Good Rockin'Tonight 
  2 If Tomorrow Never Comes
  3 Knock Yourself Out
  4 Fairy Tale 
  5 If I Only Knew
  6 Hearts Desire
  7 Look At Us 
  8 Fried Chicken
  9 You Got My Letter

10 It Turns Me Inside Out
11 Comin'Home 
12 Fly Like A Bird 
13 Easy Come Easy Go
14 If The House Is Rocking
15 Hanging At Tom & Rita's


Bestelnummer: CDHL 20532
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