Edu Schalk & Shortie Miller - Lagu-Lagu Kenangan Manis

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Edu Schalk and Shortie Miller have made a beautiful Duet album with some famous country songs translated into Indonesian in combination with traditional Indonesian songs. Great and unique recordings from two famous singers of the Indo Rock scene.


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Songs on album:

  1 Desember Kelabu
  2 Saling Percaya
  3 Bengawan Solo
  4 Mimpi Memory Manis
  5 Ku Di Bilang Playboy
  6 Hapus Air Matamu
  7 Mama Buat Hati
  8 Hancur Berkeping
  9 Relakan Aku
10 Cinta Abadi
11 Aku Begini Kau Begitu
12 Kampung Halaman


Order number: CDHL 20533
Barcode: 8713869205333


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