The Jumping Jewels - Guitar Jewels

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The Jumping Jewels is one of the most famous Guitar bands in Europe (Netherlands) that got their fame primarily in the 1960s. This beautiful album called Guitar Jewels has 20 stunning special songs from a later period that not yet appeared on cd. An absolute must for fans of good instrumental guitar music (sixties style). Album on cd comes in a special slim disc box.


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Songs on album:

1 How I Remember The Days Of Rock 'N Roll
2 Border Patrol
3 Eddy's Rock
4 Theme For Dreamers
5 Strat Parade
6 Every Day
7 Rockin' Rebels
8 Mark's Tune
9 Frog's Knock
10 Her Song
11 Tombola
12 Shaking And Breaking
13 Night People
14 Rock-A-Bye-Baby
15 Guitars About Town
16 Avec Une Poignee De Terre
17 Drumski
18 Lost In Dreams
19 Kon-Tiki
20 Thank You Sebastian


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