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In the late 50's, early 60's,Tony Light & The Bell Boys were a successful rock and roll band from Leiden - The Netherlands. The song twistin 'Patricia was their biggest hit. This album contains their best songs, mosty vocal, but also some beautiful instrumental guitar songs. The quality of the songs is perfectly, digitized for the best quality. (See also the other English and Dutch solo albums by Tony Light on cd and vinyl in the shop).


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Songs on album:

  1 Twistin' Patricia
  2 San Antonio Rose
  3 Moonlight And Roses
  4 I've Got Bells In My Heart
  5 Mama El Baion
  6 Springtime In The Rockies
  7 All Over The Mountain
  8 Greenfields
  9 There's Something I Want To Tell You
10 Ruby Ann
11 I Got A Gal (extra Bonus Track)


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