Krontjong Moresco - Krontjong Instrumentals

Krontjong Moresco - Krontjong Instrumentals

Product no.: Rarity 193000

Original and instrumental Krontjong music is rare. At Jakarta (Batavia) on the island of Java under by the Portuguese culture in the time of the Dutch East India Company newcomers affected the music. Around 1900 krontjong music became popular in the whole Malaysian/Indonesian  language area. This wonderful album of Krontjong Moresco with 12 original instrumental Kronchong songs is a unique musical document.


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Songs on album:

1 Sarinande
2 Nona Manis
3 Pulau Bali
4 Kichir-Kichir
5 Tidurlah Intan
6 Mutiaraku
7 Bandong Selatan
8 Jembatan Merah
9 Terkenang
10 Jauh Dimata
11 Kaparinyo
12 Bunga Mawar
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