Rudy Wairata and his New Polynesians - It's Aloha Again

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Rudy Wairata and his New Polynesians

Aloha!!  Most famous and magical word that belongs to Hawaii. This album by Rudy Wairata,  together with The New Polynesians is totally filled with the Aloha spirit. A beautiful album with some new and old songs. Some beautiful ballads and with 4 beautiful instrumental steel guitar songs. (See also album in shop by Rudi Wairata & the Mena Moeria Minstrels - Beautiful Hawaii). 


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Songs on album:

1 It's Aloha Again
2 Lonely Island
3 Sing Me A Song Of The Islands
4 When We Do The Hula-Hula Beat
5 I Feel So Blue
6 Blue Steel Boogie
7 Farewell To Samoa
8 Fly Me Back
9 Tonga - Tonga
10 Sleepy Lagoon
11 A Ship Is Sailing
12 Happy Hula Melody
13 Trade Winds
14 Swinging Steel Guitar
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