John-Boy & The Waltons - Special EP

Product no.: SSM 302314

For many years John-Boy & The Waltons has been one of the #1 European top band in Rockabilly, Country and Rock 'n roll Fifties and Sixties. They have already played on all major stages in Holland, Spain, Germany, Belgium and England.

This 6 song Special mini EP contains songs that have never been released before. There is also a whole album of the band available on CD called "Family Values" direct link and another EP on CD (Let me be your) Number 72 see  All music is an absolute must listen too.



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Songs On Album:

1. One Long Saturday Night
2. Let Me Try
3. Puttin' On A Style
4. Green Green Grass Of Home
5. Theme From The Waltons
6. Lonely This Christmas


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