The Fouryo's - The Story Of Volume 2

Product no.: C192467

Part 2 of another best of songs album by the famous Amsterdam group The Fouryo's. They had much success in the early 1960s singing famous American songs largely translated with Dutch texts. The songs were very special and there were several hits. On this album again 26 fantastic songs including guest appearance by Rob de Nijs and the Lords, Renè and his Alligators and Trea Dobbs. See also their first album called The Story Of Volume 1 with many more special songs.


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Songs on album:

1 Baby Oh My Darling   
2 Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen   
3 Pay Papaya   
4 Talisman   
5 Soldier Boy   
6 Zoals Ik Doe  
7 Eenzaamheid Doet Altijd Pijn   
8 Sherry   
9 Smoorverliefd Op Een Meisje   
10 De Kleinste  Fouryo's + René & his Alligators
11 Troela Troela Troelala Fouryo's + Rob de Nijs en The Lords
12 Stapeldol  
13 Loop De Loop   
14 Walk Like A Man  
15 Lucky One   
16 Baby Doll   
17 Und Nebenbei Hast Du Noch Mich   
18 Op Een Dag   
19 Surf City   
20 Honolulu Lulu  
21 Sprong In Het Heelal  
22 Speel Met Mij Geen Spel  
23 Tot Zondagavond Mary  
24 De Bloem En De Bij  
25 Heigh-ho   
26 Hé Rob, Hé Trea  Fouryo's + Rob de Nijs & Trea Dobbs





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