Boppin' Rhythm Boozers - Ride On

Boppin' Rhythm Boozers - Ride On

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The style of this band from the south of Holland can not be put in a box. Songs in Rockabilly, Country, Hillbilly, Jive, Blues, Rock & Roll, they all come by and will blow you away. Original they are for sure and not on an average way but with refined and authentic sounds. (There is also a DVD + CD version named Live At The Sunhouse).


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Songs on album:

1 Bang Bang
2 Midnight Shift
3 Home Town Rockin´
4 Mean Eyed Cat
5 Ride On
6 Bottle To The Baby
7 Boppin´ The Blues
8 If House Is Rockin´
9 Hillbilly Boozers
10 Rock Around With Ollie Vee
11 One Hand Lose
12 Please Mama Please
13 Slip, Slip Slippin´ In
14 You Made A Hi
15 Draggin´
16 I´ve Been Everywhere
17 Hot Rod Race
18 Too Hot To Handle
19 The Race Is On
20 Kaw-Liga
21 Bip A Little, Bop A Lot
22 Lady Luck

23 Cherokee Boogie

24 Claudette


Ordernumber: CD 192734

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