Guitar Sound From Holland, Vol. 10 - Various Artists

Product no.: SSM 302231

The compilation albums of the unique series Guitar Sound From Holland are fabulous with the best guitarists in Netherlands 60s style rock 'n roll instrumental rock. This part volume 10 has 23 great songs and various artists. Guitar Instrumentals.  (See also other parts in the shop. (Part 1 t / m 8 are available on CD). Volume 9 and 10 have not been released on disc, only available digital streaming and downloading via all major music plaforms.


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1 The Stingrays - Hemelsblauw
2 The Lowlanders - Spanish Tears
3 The Silhouets - Canoe
4 The Jaguars - Quick Run
5 Jimmy Green - Ghostriders In The Sky
6 Sebastian Lightfoot - Ambon Memories
7 PV and the Heartbeats - Heart Rock
8 FBI - Chatanooga Choo Choo
9 Blue Explosion - Lonely River
10 Nokie Edwards with Adventure - The House Of The Rising Sun
11 The Meadowhawks - Classical Surf
12 The Dixie Aces - South Of The Border
13 Orchest Stamboel - Kramat Lontar
14 Pipeline '61 - Greensleeves
15 The Jokers - Tabou (Live)
16 The Mystics - Girls Blues
17 The Hurricane Strings - Venus
18 The Black Albinos - Ghost Party
19 The Moving Strings - Tea For Two
20 Red Skyscrapers - Marsman
21 The Sky Devils - Sunrise In Malaysia
22 The Jumping Strings - Jumping Melody
23 Orchest Stamboel - Kalau Angsa Liar Pergi Ke Selatan
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