Indonesian Love Songs Adinda 6 - Various Artists

Product no.: SSM 301160

Part 6 of a unique album series named ''Adinda'' (Indonesian Love Songs) with various artists from Indonesian and Dutch origin who try to cross boundaries between the West and Asia with their music. The name ''Adinda'' stands for ''the most pretty'', loving thing you possess - own. Beautiful music, vocal in English and Maleisian (Indonesian) alternated with romantic instrumental songs on guitar and Hawaiian style. Beautiful ballads wrapped in a relaxed tropical feeling and up tempo songs with some old traditional songs that are brought in a modern way and with brand new songs. Recommended to fans of melodic world music.(from most artists performing on album you will find solo albums in our shop)


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Songs on album:

1. Roy de Fretes - Lief Ambon 
2. Eastern Aces - Mukwai Hula 
3. Jim & Eve Selection - Tukamg Becak 
4. Rudy van Dalm & the Royal Rhythmics - Daar Op De Sawa
5. Cafrinho Tugu - Waarom Huil Je
6. Ronny Flohr - Satu Kali Akan Ada Hari Senang Untuk Saya 
7. Sebastian Lightfoot - Selendang Soetra 
8. The Nightbreakers - Asal Ale Mau Nanti
9. Hetty - Seputih Melati
10. Max Tahalele - Sepasang Mata Bola
11. Papaya & Eddy King - Macao
12. Re-united - Susiana E
13. Ricky & The Rhythm Strings - Teluk Bayur
14. Perwarindo - Schoon Ver Van U


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