The Fouryo's - The Story Of Volume 1

The Fouryo's - The Story Of Volume 1

Product no.: C192465

The Fouryo's were an Amsterdam group consisting of Jetty, Joyce and Jan Schouten and Dick van Niehoff. They were very famous in the early 1960s singing famous American songs largely translated to Dutch texts. The songs were very special and some became hits like:  Zeg Niet Nee en Dans Nog Eenmaal met Mij. On this album you will find 26 of their best songs. There is also a second album called The Story Of Volume 2 with more exclusive songs.


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Songs on album:

1 Bye Bye Love
2 Want Ik Heb Jou
3 Lollipop
4 Ik Zie Je Elke Morgen
5 Bird Dog
6 Devoted To You
7 Zeg Niet Nee
8 Kom Bij Me Darling
9 De Spijkerbroek
10 Choo-Choo Boogie
11 Making Love
12 Zeven Leuke Meisjes
13 Panopticum
14 Footsteps
15 Wil Je Niet, Wil Je Wel
16 Dans Nog Eenmaal Met Mij
17 Kom Toch Terug
18 Sarina
19 Waarom Loop Je Mij Op Straat Voorbij
20 Veilchen Aus Ascona
21 So Ein Feiertag
22 Zeeman Je Verlangen Is De Zee
23 Valentino
24 Chickery Chick
25 Doe Niet Zo Saai
26 Pop Pop Pop Pie
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