Rudi Wairata & the Mena Moeria Minstrels - Beautiful Hawaii

Product no.: SSM 301137

In the early 50’s Rudi Wairata and the Mena Moeria Minstrels came to the Netherlands. We all thought they came from Hawaii but this was not the case, they came from the Maluku islands (now part of Indonesia). Rudi Wairata was fabulous Hawaiian guitar player. This album called “Beautiful Hawaii” is an lovely album with 16 beautiful songs, once on LP vinlyl, now digital available. 


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Songs on album:

Maori March
Hawaiian Sunrise
Beautiful Aloha Beach
Drowsy Waters
Ambon March
Sweet Gardenia
Waikiki March
Magic Moon
Na Moku Eha
Polynesian March
Be Mine, Sweetheart
The One Rose
Honolulu March
Maui No Laka Oi
Pau Mele O Hawaii
Hawaii March


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