Indonesian Love Songs Adinda, Vol. 9 - Various Artists

Indonesian Love Songs Adinda, Vol. 9 - Various Artists

Product no.: SSM 302105

Part 9 of a unique album series named ''Adinda'' (Indonesian Love Songs) with various artists from Indonesian and Dutch origin who try to cross boundaries between the West and Asia with their music. The name ''Adinda'' stands for ''the most pretty'', loving thing you possess - own. Beautiful music, vocal  and instrumental songs wrapped in a relaxed tropical atmosphere. With Andy Tielman, Edu Schalk, Cafrinho Tugu, Perwarindo, Sebastian, Mirella, Roy de Fretes, Papaya, Jim & Eve Selection and more. Recommended! (see shop also for other albums of Indonesian Loves songs and solo albums of participating artists).


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Songs on album:

1 Andy Tielman - Watoe Pontong Padi
2 Edu Schalkwijk - Mama Buat Hati 
3 Orkes Cafrinho Tugu - Kr. Air Laut 
4 Rudi Van Dalm - Ninah Boo Boo
5 Sebastian Lightfoot - Aryati 
6 Mirella - Gandong E
7 Jim & Eve Selection - Kecil - Kecil
8 Perwarindo - And The Birds Are Singing 
9 Papaya & Eddy King - Goro Goro Ne
10 Sebastian Lightfoot - Sarina 
11 Andy Tielman - Aloha Oe
12 Roy de Fretes - Medley: Gepe-Gepe / Manise-Manise / Vader Jacob / Si Patokaan / Iene Miene Mutte 
13 Tony Light - Zo Ver Van Jou
14 Jim Pownall - Sioh Mama E
15 Roy and the Kiliaan Brothers- Lief Java



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