The Wild Bunch - Back To The Filthies

Product no.: SSM 302315

The Wild Bunch is a sixties rock 'n roll band with influences from the rockabilly, country and surf music scene. The title Back To The Filthies is funny, the cover a bit creepy but it's just like stepping back into the fifties. A number of songs are self-written, a top album. Fantastic rocking to music with perfect recordings. With musicians Remy Groot, Hans Nelemans, Rogier Hermans, Harry Spies, Jacco Bucholtz, Eddy Poppes, Michel Ruijs.


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Songs on album:

1.  Let's Make Some Love
2.  Pipeline
3.  Rockabilly Party
4.  Play My Boogie
5.  Door To My Heart
6.  Run Chicken Run
7.  That's What I Do
8.  Lovers Rock
9.  Let's Dance
10.  Drunken Man Blues
11.  Fooled By You
12.  Milkcow Blues Boogie
13.  Batman Theme
14.  Rattle Shakin' Daddy
15.  Filthies Rock 'n Roll Boogie Bar Song
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